August 2017 newsletter

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First time you heard from us in 6 months reason being, we have been painstakingly making proper 100% HANDMADE CROCODILE SHOES AND BOOTS for gentlemen. We were extremely fortunate to have stumbled across some paperwork from Mr. Cobbs's relation in North Hamptonshire in England which is the heart of the shoe making industry. 


Looking through his samples and diagrams we realize things made with machines are not the same as being made by hand, so we can make you a pair of shoes to feet your feet in the exact size you would need. Most people have one foot longer or broader than the other. so these are made to your actual specifications. We carry a small range of standard sizes and colors but this is very minimal because people like to have it made specifically for them.

The wait is between 6-8 weeks but this by the looks of mathematics has taken off in a big way and therefore the waiting list will become greater as time goes along.

The heels are made of leather, short layers of the finest heel hide is added piece by piece. In a modern factory they use a leather board, This is a shape of compressed cardboard in one piece then a rubber sole is added. In a factory a heel is on a shoe every minute. Mr. Cobbs takes a day to fit and shape one pair of heels. This is way you pay for handmade lifelong quality.


We also stock a variety of crocodile wallets, man bags, belts and toiletry bags as well as gentlemen's shaving requisites.






PS! These handmade shoes are terribly expensive because of the world price of crocodile skin and the amount of highly skilled craftsman makes them reasonable for a well heeled South African executive or for persons from other shores who will with Dollars, Pounds or Euro. Before you attempt to buy a pair of shoes please look at the pictures on our website for the quality you are buying then look at the actual items we sell followed by the images of how each step is done in the processing of the finished product.


Please feel free to visit our shop on the V & A Waterfront shop no 278 upper level.


Kind regards