End January 2017 Newsletter
Hello Again.
2017 is now well and truly with us.
We hope you had a great festive season.
Many thanks for your fantastic support over this period.
There are many new wonderful products coming through,in the next few weeks.
At the moment we have almost exhausted our stocks of crocodile man bags,wallets , and the same applies to the ostrich man bags and wallets as well.
As you may know these pieces are made entirely by hand and the only machine is used at the end of the line is the sewing machine that puts the things together.
Each piece is painstakingly cut to an exacting standard, and then formed into the shape required for the item.
Linings and things of that nature are laboriously glued together, and all of these procedures take many weeks to complete,but obviously when you see the finished item, you can understand and appreciate the sheer beauty of it.
People are amazed to find our crocodile products are lined inside with plain ostrich skin.
Here the careful use of ostrich skin without the pimple makes the items close beautifully, and is pleasing to the eye,and is also extremely hard wearing on the inside.
These pieces are truly investment items as exotic skins get better with age the more they are used and worn,and the more the magnificent patina is achieved with a deep sheen and luster on the surface and the better the look of the item,that are made to last a lifetime and can be handed down to the next generation..
Sadly, these items are not cheap; they are expensive to say the least  but it is so difficult to find something of such good quality in this day and age where most things are churned out by of sausage machines or the like.
 Until next time.
 Bob Lansdowne