Rosewood hand-drawn travel brush

Advantages of a good hairbrush, it smoothes and untangles the hair, unlike plastic and metal bristles, boar bristle do not damage human hair because they are themselves hair. The brush cleans the hair of dust, dirt and dandruff and keeps the hair looking healthy. It also distributes the natural fats that accumalate at the roots all the way along the ends. This gives the hair a good shine and stops the ends from splitting too easily.
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R 1,995.00

The military oval is the ideal men's brush, the manufacture of the brush is very costly and the classic boar bristle brushes are still made by hand. Brushes produced in this way are very durable and can also be repaired with new bristle. The method we use is called facing, in which a horizontal slice (the face), is cut off the back of the brush. Holes for the bristles are drilled into the face. The bristles are drawn through the holes and wound round tin or silver wires. Finally the face into which the bristles have been inserted is fitted onto the underside of the brush back and fastened firmly.