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Happy Spring to all our Loyal Customers
Happy Spring to all our Loyal Customers,

The start of the summer season is upon us in Cape Town and we at Mr Cobbs  and The Old'e English Shaving Shop are looking forward to an exciting  few months ahead.

Trending at the moment…

Beards have come back into fashion, but what we are seeing lately is ‘The Designer Beard’. One that is kept trimmed, well groomed, waxed, oiled, brushed and shaped.

Our barbers at Mr Cobbs do an excellent job of keeping your beard groomed.

This can be regular grooming along with your haircut, if you are looking for guidance on the best style or shape for your face or if you would like someone

to shape in your initial beard lines which you can then maintain yourself.

For home maintenance and styling we have a full range of products catering just for beards and moustaches – beard brushes, moustache combs, beard and moustache waxes and oils, moustache scissors.

We will keep you posted on some exciting new products that are being introduced over the next month.


Bob Lansdowne