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New in Stock for Movember and Xmas
Hello All, coming up to the Movember and the XMAS SEASON.

NEW IN STOCK a very limited edition of WHITE MOUNTAIN  or MANTURIAN BADGER  found on mountain tops in the very very cold north of China and very rare! The important thing is the very white tips of the brush are followed by a black stem of hair. This is how it works on the skin, as you lather up its very soft indeed, but as you press harder it exfoliates the skin, softens the beard and makes for a most suitable luxurious shave imaginable.

These are fairly expensive, and extremely rare, as these come in various sizes, a smallish one will cost the least amount, and a very large one will cost a great deal more as it could contain three times more hair, but worth every RAND you give, as quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Bob Lansdowne