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October 2012

The new shop has now been opened for 5 months and in that time many new and old customers have experienced the hot towel shave and our exfoliations. The good news is that we were 1 of 10 shops chosen to promote our goods out of 460 shops so we must be doing something right.

We decided that exfoliations were very expensive habits as the costs of the product was high. Some cruise ships charge $500 for a facial which is far to much! We are using a product supplied to these very ships and for September and October. This treatment is free of charge after your hot towel shave. Its made from natural fruit extracts of pineapple and payaya fruits.  After applying it to the face there is a reaction after 4 to 6 mins on the skin which removes a layer of dead skin and all the little nasty things that go with it. You can purchase the kit from us at the shop or online.  A six month's supply used once a week, including a herbal balm after shave and a nice stripe towel free of charge is a mere R638.00 for the complete set. 

This is so nice for a gentleman to get his skin back in order and keep it that way for all time.  It works like a plastic film on the skin and gets tighter as the minutes go by.  No harse scrubbing, just a gentle tight feeling and a few minutes later it is cleaned off with a hot towel, followed by an ice-cold one to close the pores of the skin.  All men would love to be pampered and with us it comes without the major price tag, the next time you're in Cape Town, see for yourself how nice something can really be and at this moment of time there is no charge for the exfoliation providing it follows a hot towel shave. 

For those of you all over the world we can send goods to you fairly quickly and safely, even if you are in some remote part of the world, your goods will arrive.  Please look through our website as we add things on a very regular basis, too keep you informed as to whats old or come back in fashion again, whats new or different so that we can try that little bit harder for you and ourselves. 

Did you know that we can send our no alcohol 15% perfume strength aftersave colognes anywhere in the world as it does not contain any hazardous ingredients.  Please look at the first item on our website product list which is the aftershaves and perfumes, then choose the ones you require.