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October News 2014

Hello again everybody,

It's time again for us to inform you of our latest news.

We have a nice new You Tube Movie about our Store, Mr Cobbs The Barber!

So all those loyal and regular customers out there can see our shop, services in action and how we produce various items in the old fashioned way by hand.

I'm sure you will find a small part of this short movie most enlightening. As a journalist who went to the Rolls Royce Factory in the 1965 said when he arrived “how can a car cost so much money (6000 pounds)?”.  He stayed there for a week watching every part of the car being made and fitted together and in the end exclaimed, "How can they sell the car so cheaply".

On the new stock side we have received various cut throat razors in real bone and buffalo horn.

Our famous hand drawn pure bristle hair brushes for gentlemen and a few for the ladies, are still made by hand as they have been for over 200 years. We have made them for over 244 years, established in 1770 in Galway in Ireland, from there we moved to the City of London in the early 1800's.

You will not find handmade everlasting quality such as these anywhere in the world today. Brushes are made using rosewood, satinwood and solid ebony. A lifetime in a superb handmade, pure bristle hair brush.

Have a look at our video on YouTube to see a handmade brush being made:

Mr Cobb's the Barber video

You can also watch this video on Google Plus, you will need to link / follow us on your Google Plus profile.

Some trivia…

Did you know that in Victorian times most high quality items, including brushes, would follow a nautical theme as flying did not yet exist! They would use solid brass coachscrews to join two pieces of exotic wood together along with special glues to make an item. These items would be hand polished to a magnificent finish.