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September Newsletter, Happy Spring Everyone
Happy Spring Everyone.

We still have our huge range of soaps, lotions and potions, our face wash made from calamine and coconut oil (soap free), our famous herbal balm, pre-shave treatment and all the magnificent shave soap varieties and fragrances. Just about everything a gentleman needs.

A most exciting thing for our regular customers is the introduction of a superb genuine buffalo horn shaving brush. It comes in four slightly different styles, fairly tall and filled with SUPER BADGER.

(Super badger is not quite as soft as the silvertip hair, but superior to pure badger). All badger hair shaving brushes help to open the pores of the skin, soften the facial hairs and gently exfoliate the face, making shaving such a pleasure).

The tips of these genuine buffalo horn brushes are a very beautiful white and these really are a very, very, special item. Each one is engraved on the base of the handle of the genuine buffalo horn and filled with Italian gold leaf, handmade and filled with a hair.

When looked after correctly these brushes should last for forty years or more.

Here is the really good news…  These have been selling for R 4,200 each, but for Spring we will be selling them at HALF PRICE.
These brushes are now retailing for R 2,100.

This is a wonderful investment or an amazing gift for someone really special, this special won't last long, so be quick on these as we have just over one hundred left.

We have a range of different cut throat strops, all hand finished in hide and varying from the ordinary to the top of the range. We also stock strop paste for the final finish edge on a cutthroat razor.

 With Movember just around the corner we have to mention our range of moustache waxes, moustache combs, moustache and beard brushes and trimming scissors.

Thank you to each and everyone of our loyal and long term customers from all over the world. Without you we would not be here. Many thanks to you all again, the next newsletter will arrive a bit sooner and hopefully with lots of different news.


Bob Lansdowne