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Towel Special

Loyal customers worldwide , I was really certain that on the towel special we offered a couple of weeks ago that this time we would have enough stock for all.
The towel as you know is 48cm x 68cm.  The  size  is very good for shaving or as hot towel.  A very large  "Mr Cobbs the Barber"  is embroided in the centre of this 100 percent cotton Colibri black label towel,  made in South Africa .
I'm telling those of you that missed it , we said only 3 per customer and placed our order for these. The last time we had the stock of these they were flying off the shelves, so we loaded these on the website almost 3weeks ago,  but my team pulled off a wonderful buying in trick because

They read something with our regular customers and doubled the order . Thank goodness they did as the 2 months supply was sold out in less than 3 weeks.

We still have a few please look at our website site  and see for yourselves the wonderful range on offer and if you only purchase a towel as a keepsake that's fine .
If you spent over 4 000 rand we will give you a gift of a towel free. We are now leaving our winter behind and looking forward to the sunshine again as I get older I find the best sunshine is your orders and hearing from our regulars from all over the world.
Please  visit  the  V & A website  to view  our  spring  promotion  at  Mr  Cobbs  the  Barber.
My very best regards to you all ,  Bob