The Old'e English Shaving Shop

The Old’e English Shaving Shop offers quality handmade shaving brushes, shaving lotions and after shave perfumes to discerning gentlemen over the world. Our products are manufactured to exacting standards set by our forbearers in our warehouse in the bustling commercial centre of Maitland in Cape Town, South Africa.

Welcome to 2016 and let's hope that this is a wonderful year for each and every one of you. My team of staff and myself would sincerely like to wish you a fantastic 2016 and really genuinely thank you for all the support you gave us in the last year and we hope to continue our high quality service for each and every one of you.

Latest News: April Newsletter

April Newsletter

It’s about time to send out another newsletter to you all and I hope that you do read these things as we like to keep each and every one of you in the frame.

We have found a company in Africa that are making our English razor strops, some in an excellent imitation and others in the genuine horn back crocodile skin (obviously you would not put your razor on this side of the skin) only the plain leather. They come in various styles and sizes and make a a superb and totally unique gift.

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