The Old'e English Shaving Shop

The Old’e English Shaving Shop offers quality handmade shaving brushes, shaving lotions and after shave perfumes to discerning gentlemen over the world. Our products are manufactured to exacting standards set by our forbearers in our warehouse in the bustling commercial centre of Maitland in Cape Town, South Africa.

Latest News: November Newsletter

Hello everyone.
As it is almost the middle of November, not so many shopping days left before the Mad Christmas Rush is upon us.
For the gentlemen, we have a very old product that has been used since, we believe, the same time as shaving started.
If a gentleman shaving nicks himself, he then draws blood which seems for some or other reason to not stop weeping out of the skin.
He then has two choices:
He could stay indoors till it stops or has to walk out with a piece of the local newspaper stuck to his face or even a ... click here to read the full article ...

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