Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes are made of badger hair (ratel in afrikaans) Bolero in French, Tasso in Italian, Dash in Deutsch.
R 2,999.00 inc VAT
Manchurian Badger Brush
R 1,995.00 inc VAT
Allmoody pure badger brush
R 2,995.00 inc VAT
Edwardian silvertip
R 3,600.00 inc VAT
Oliver 4-silvertip

Black badger is derived from the underneath and the rear of the animal and is a very firm, sturdy hair but not the softest, grey or pure badger is taken from the back and the entire body of the animal that is much softer than the black. the finest badger comes from the underneath the chin, this is known as silvertip as the end of the hairs are white and it is super soft as it needs 15x more hair to make a brush than the grey one. All badger hair comes from cold countries, Russia, Siberia, and mostly, the very north of China. The temperature is between 30 - 40 degrees below 0. one other brush available to man in small quantities is knows as white mountain badger or manchurian badger. These have white tips that are extremely soft and the black stork very is very stiff, wonderful to exfoliate the skin and very difficult to find.