Shaving Products & Accessories

All sorts of different items for the gentleman to use in the shaving process
R 3,500.00 inc VAT
Old Used Crock Travel Case
R 249.99 inc VAT
Tea Tree and Peppermint Beard Oil
R 1,294.99 inc VAT
Nickel Silver Shaving Stand
R 1,495.00 inc VAT
Mr. Cobbs 2 Way Stand
R 1,795.00 inc VAT
Mr. Cobbs 4 Way Stand
R 395.00 inc VAT
Styptic Complete Set
R 179.00 inc VAT
Styptic Travel Case
R 1,595.00 inc VAT
4 Way Nickel Shaving Stand
R 799.00 inc VAT
Plain porcelain shaving mug
R 799.00 inc VAT
Fancy porcelain shaving mug
R 499.00 inc VAT
Small metal dish
R 599.00 inc VAT
Large metal shaving soap dish
R 399.00 inc VAT
Cut-throat strop
R 219.00 inc VAT
Pre-shave treatment
R 159.00 inc VAT
Herbal & calomine face wash
R 399.00 inc VAT
Mr. Cobbs towel
R 495.00 inc VAT
Rosewood town bowl with soap
R 399.00 inc VAT
Alum in hide box
R 239.00 inc VAT
Aftershave herbal cream 250ml
R 399.00 inc VAT
Bay rum aftershave IMPORTANT NOTE: These are only available in South Africa
R 199.00 inc VAT
Alum in box

All sorts of different items for the gentleman to use in the shaving process. These very considerably from things to sharpen a razor from a leather strop to things for the skin, whether they be alum blocks or just moisturizers or pre-shave treatments, they all fall under this title and they are vast a various.