The Old'e English Shaving Shop

The Old’e English Shaving Shop offers quality handmade shaving brushes, shaving lotions, and after-shave perfumes to discerning gentlemen over the world. Our products are manufactured to exacting standards set by our forbearers in our warehouse in the bustling commercial center of Maitland in Cape Town, South Africa.

Proudly voted the best barber and shaving shop in the whole of Africa since its inception.


Any other queries please do not hesitate to contact  Vandah on 0837344476 or



Please watch this YouTube video showing the correct way to sharpen a cutthroat razor, by an 83 year old master barber doing this since he was 12!

Latest News: FATHERS DAY 2021


So it is finally the month of June, and what does this mean?

Its father's day

We are excited to share our father's day gifts with you from our traditional Victorian hot towel shave voucher, shaving requisites and a variety of men's gifts.


Visit our store and have a look at our exclusive father's day limited gifts. 

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